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Welcome to DDP, the Democracy and Design Platform!
DDP seeks to gather, analyze and give visibility to initiatives that are directly or indirectly linked to the issues posed by “Stand Up for Democracy”: the open letter that Ezio Manzini and Victor Margolin addressed to the design community in March 2017. The purpose of the letter was to stimulate activities which, by discussing the relationship between democracy and design, clearly express in a propositive and proactive way our concern in the design world over the attacks on democracy currently underway in several countries.
Open Letter to the Design Community: Stand Up For Democracy

1. We are in difficult and dangerous times. For many years, we lived in a world that, despite its problems, was nevertheless committed to principles of democracy in which human rights, fundamental freedoms, and opportunities for personal development, were increasing. Today, this picture has changed profoundly. There are attacks on democracy in several countries - including those where democracy had seemed to be unshakable.

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DDP is a digital platform carrying out various functions relating to the three actions proposed in the open letter. In particular it collects and catalogues statements, so as to make them easily accessible in a single digital place and events, making it possible to map them.


Personal contribution to the issues raised by the Stand Up for Democracy open letter.


Initiative organized in relation to the issues raised by the Stand Up for Democracy open letter.


Here we've collected all personal contribution in answer to the Stand Up for Democracy open letter.


In the prestigious framework of Participatory Design Conference 2018, that will be held in Hasselt & Genk (Belgium) from 20th to 24th August, the discussion on design and democracy will continue. As already happened in past events in Kolding and in Rotterdam — the Talk will inquiry about design and democracy and, given the main theme of […]

Allow us to notify you something a bit different from our main topics, but nonetheless it might catch your interest. On November 7-9, 2018 inUniversidade de São Paulo. São Carlos. Brazil., the XXII INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF THE IBEROAMERICAN SOCIETY OF DIGITAL GRAPHICS will be held. This year the 22nd Congress of SIGraDi takes on the theme […]

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In this section we’ve gathered content relevant to the topics addressed by DDP.


DDP is an initiative of the Politecnico di Milano Design Department, designed and coordinated by three of its laboratories: Design Policy Lab, Density Design and DESIS Lab.

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